Monday, 28 July 2014

300th Post and Tropic Brow Define and Lash Extension Kit

I couldn't decide whether to celebrate my 300th post or wonder why it has taken me so long to get here! I have a proper Pamper Experience tonight so I thought I would just show you how exciting these products are at transforming your look in a 100% natural and chemically free way. This make up is actually good for your skin!

Before: in my en-suite, After: in my garden. No filters or camera trickery here.

This post will show you how good the Brow Define Ochre and Lash Extension Kit set really are - Using the pallet, the organic bamboo dual-end eyebrow brush and the stencils. Using just the fixing gel, natural fibres and fixing gel again on my lashes.

 Yep, this is my en-suite with only my phone camera doing my first ever use of the Brow Define Ochre, note to self take a photography class! You can see from my pictures my colouring is highlighted blonde hair but with a medium brown base - I am using the mid colour Ochre from the Tropic Make up range.

 Once I had added the powder to my other eyebrow I didn't look (or feel so strange) I think that when you wear extra make up in your eyebrows you feel a little fancier. I feel incredibly made up when I have the Lash Extension Kit and the eye brows. Yet I do not look it, I look natural. My husband who doesn't like to see a lot of make up thinks I look good so I am happy!

 Here you can see the lashes done just once on my left eye (right as you look at the picture)
Still just using the lash extension kit once, you can build up the fibres as much as you want to this was my first attempt and play around.

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