Friday, 25 July 2014

Family time

We have had another beautiful week of weather in the south west, which means we haven't really made much progress with any projects as such. Andy has been working on spray painting the little tykes cars we got for the babies from Ebay. If you are facebook look me up /12natalie.knight or instagram @homebirdeconomics for a sneaky preview!

Currently we are spending a lot of time on our decking as we have set up a pool with gazebo so that Belle can play without getting grass or bugs in the water but she can also be protected by the sun - there is a lot more privacy too and although our garden isn't too overlooked by close by we are at the bottom of a little valley so there are houses up the other side.

I had a coffee and chat morning at my house this week and made my first target with Tropic Skin Care in the process. I am growing in confidence talking about the products and genuinely loving this new job! I love being able to work from home - finding that balance though.... well that is fun! I will get there though, I am determined.

We have a lot to look forward to right now, our young family is in a good place. It is nice to feel like I am getting an identity as Natalie as well as all of my other roles!

I have been using the Organic Elixir for about a week now and I believe I can see a difference already, I am thinking about doing some before and after pictures. I am honestly impressed. Anything that makes me less crinkly (at 24) means it is staying in my arsenal to fight the ageing process and nourish my skin at the same time!!!

If you are interested in Tropic products or becoming an Ambassador with me, get in touch! I love to talk about Tropic even if you just fancy a chat :)

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