Saturday, 19 July 2014

My first sales with Tropic Skin Care

I am so lucky to have my friends, last night I made my first two sales and have a pamper evening lined up. Luckily for me the ladies were brilliant, it was really informal and we had chinese take away. The ladies asked me all sorts of questions that I thought I would struggle to answer but found myself doing well!

We had the children running around so at times it did get a bit complicated, Belle still loves playing with the products so it was interesting trying to get her interested in something else! Zak wasn't keen being away from me but that was just tiredness.

I decided last night that I would have an open coffee and chat morning to show the products and catalogues but to answer questions too. I will also have a recruitment folder and hope to get a team started too. That way we can encourage each other whilst staying home with our babies - like minded positive empowered women! I sound like a liberation advert but I am so blessed to have this opportunity to make an income from home that truly fits around my family and if I can help others achieve the same then is there anything better? Baby snuggles. But baby snuggles are a part of my job!

Enough work talk, we are off to see my mum because I haven't seen her in ages! I am really looking forward to a catch up.

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