Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Whilst the Mister is away .....

I go to my mums!
I volunteered myself to help out making a scrap book for a lovely gentleman that is retiring from the company I work at towards the end of April. Little did I know how loved he truly was that my inspiration was kinda dampened by the amount to fit in!!!

It was so nice to see a person so very truly valued by the organisation he has given 48 years of his life to. So luckily the Mister has gone out of town for 4 days - 4 days! I am coping....... just about!I will post pictures of my layouts just as soon as I get home to my camera. A one night stay has turned into 2...

Being in my Mums house is really good fun, we talk a whole lot and I feel like I realign my path with what I thought when I was younger. Life has some funny turns. Just got to be happy. I think thats why I love this sign too much.

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