Sunday, 24 April 2011

Taking a slower pace ...

It seems to me that life can get hectic really quickly and die down in a similar fashion too. We are waiting for so many things at the moment ... most of them involving the house (what a long process that is!)

I have had a lot of time out of college recently and I think this has opened my mind up to realise just how much time it takes up. Don't get me wrong I love fitting it all in but its crazy how much I really do fit in. I started a post a little while back about dieting and I feel like I am on hold until we get into our home. I guess its just like life really and I should just hurry up and get on with it!!

The bunting still hasn't been started - I have misplaced packed my white sheet that will form the basis of the triangle bunting, so I am going to have to buy another one. Which wouldn't normally be a problem, apart from it being easter and everywhere being closed!! So hopefully I will be starting it tomorrow (once I have picked up a sheet.) In the mean time I will be making some fabric hearts for our house. I have some dresses in mind too that I have been drawing to try and make sure I remember what my plans are for them!!!

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