Monday, 18 April 2011

I get lost goggling

I really am terrible for sitting down of an evening and goggling what is on my mind, then getting some great ideas and not doing anything with them! So I thought I might compile a few bits and pieces to see whether I can make myself get around to it.

My latest search is on the Money Saving Expert forum, I am thinking a lot about our budget and what I hope to achieve for our little house. My first hurdle is our food, I want to get us eating better so that we can feel a bit better in ourselves. The second consideration is the amount of money I can potentially save from our food budget. My plan is that any extra money from our budget each month can go into savings for our bigger purchases. We have plans for a wardrobe, big telly and new car that all come with hefty price tags!

I am convinced that the way forward for us is a rotational meal plan where the food has been brought using coupons and special offers - that way as long as our freezer is big enough - we should be able to survive if we don't always have 2 incomes.

My friend also helped me take a look out our budget and although we aren't moving in just yet I feel happy and positive to be in control of our finances when it happens - hopefully just 2 more weeks!

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