Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Frugal Living

So since we were told we could be moving in around the 4th of May, my mind is set on how can we pay off this mortgage??!
It is crazy that it has taken us nearly 18 months to get a house and finances sorted enough to even achieve this and I am already thinking about how to get rid!

But obviously get rid in a good way! I don't think anyone wants to have a mortgage all of their life and dreams of paying it off early. Well our situation is a little different and we should be able to - provided we are frugal and careful - pay off our mortgage long before it is due if we can live well within our means.

There are also a  few limiting factors that may change our situation such as loss of job, children and loss of job, expensive taste and probably most importantly would be loosing sight of our ultimate goal. To own our home and not need to work as much for an equivalent lifestyle.

Which of course, prompted me to search frugal living and is why I ended up here. So who knows, with all these tips I seem to be picking up I might get to use them at some point!!

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