Monday, 4 April 2011

Figuring out these buttons

After some searching I have found this really useful tutorial on how to make your own button, I have been playing with this Useful Link all evening and finally I have done it! (As you can see from my sidebar!!) 

So far I am enjoying creating this blog because it makes me take pictures and really think about the things I am doing - how I want to remember them, how I want to be remembered even.

I have found this little project really interesting, I know a few things are happening to us at the moment and it would be really cool to have them journalled. Especially with little hints to get the creative juices flowing! I really like the idea of the house journal, just to take the time and think about all the little reasons that make you really love your home. 

I think I will look into making one once we are in our houses - current update is that it could be 10 more weeks away!!! Which does get me down but at least its still going ahead, on the plus side we might even be able to afford a new car because of the delay in getting in and having to pay the bills! Which would be really handy as our current car is great but old, we would like a newer car that in theory would last a bit longer. I think the mister would like a faster car too but we shall see what the insurance is like! I have my eye on a black polo post 2005 because I do not like the lights on the anything newer!! I know, not a great reason to choose a car but what can I say? 

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