Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Healthy eating on a budget

When we eventually move into our new home saving money (to pay the bills!!) is going to be a high priority for me, I know we can afford to live in our new home but I want to make sure that we aren't limited to only living in our house - I mean if we want to go on a night out I want there to be money for it, I want us to go on holiday if we want to, all things that will cost us money. As with any budget there are certain areas that can be trimmed in order to save money where as there are other areas that just wont be in my control to save any money.

Therefore I have been devising a meal planner that will span a month and should enable us to bulk cook at the beginning of the month - using fresh veg and the cooker once. This food will then be reheated in order to feed us over the month with nutritious and satisfying meals. It means I will know exactly how much we have spent and I wont be thinking about what we are having for dinner because it will already be done! If I ever get to be this organised I will be amazed!!!!

This Quinoa recipe caught my eye on the Martha Stewart website, Quinoa is relatively cheap and is a good thickener. I am keen to get us eating more foods like this because they are low GI and will help increase our variety of meals with little cost.

If I can, I would like to get us eating foods like this that will boost our immune systems and take care of us from the inside out. I will keep you posted on that front as I am sure this is talked about with the best of intentions .......

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