Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Baby turns 1

I realise this space is probably gathering cobwebs at the moment, I am hoping to change that soon! However, so so much has been going on I feel like I am finally starting to catch my breath.

Isabelle turned one on Monday. Such a bitter sweet thing for me, I love seeing her grow and I couldn't be more grateful to witness everything. But a year. Seriously?! I mean, I remember my labour and these first few days like yesterday.... not a year ago! I am just crazy proud of who she is, her personality grows each day and she is lovely, she gives kisses and can be gentle. Walks like she owns the place. Chats constantly. Is shy and hesitant with new people until she becomes the centre of the room (I seriously don't know who this comes from, neither Andy or I are particularly central people!!) She likes her space.Incredibly strong minded and determined already - I think we might have some fun here. Isabelle is just incredible.

Belle is also going to make an amazing big sister, come March 2014 we will be welcoming another phase of life. We don't know what this baby is just yet but surprisingly it feels pretty perfect either way and for different reasons. A boy would bring balance, another girl would bring hopefully a deep lifelong friendship for Belle. Andy and I can't really decide whether this is our last baby or whether we would like a third. I don't think we would have any more than three simply for practicalities. Honestly, I like the decision not being made. We hoped for this age gap but were still pleasantly surprised for it to happen!

Andy went away for a week with work and it was tough. Isabelle was pretty good - teething she has a molar!!!?! and for the most part I tried to keep our week the same. Except I couldn't shake this loneliness, it was so different to anything I had felt before. The rational part of me kept telling myself a week seriously! But the part I hadn't realised that had become so dependent on Andy wanted to sit and cry until he came home. He has only just gone back to work now after taking a few days out - which were really needed. I still welled up, I could see he wasn't exactly impressed either. I know it's totally silly to miss him that much and maybe its my pregnant hormones, but everything is just better with him around.

I did get a few projects finished though! As a result of trying not to sit still for too long to think and miss Andy! I will be sharing them over the next few days :D
Thanks for sticking around, hopefully it wont be too long again ....

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