Friday, 20 September 2013

DIY Frame wall

I am sure everyone has seen these all over pinterest or other blogs. But I knew 2 years ago (when we moved into our house) that I wanted to recreate one. I just love them!

It was also a push to put some pictures up - literally there were 2 pictures up prior to this wall!

I started with deciding my pictures, deciding frames. I chose a range of miss matched frames but with a few of each for consistency.

Then I made sized, descriptive patterns so I could play around with them in the space.

 As you can see I went for smaller gaps and a more intentional cluster.
Please excuse the airer. I was that lazy taking the picture I would have had to stand up to get around it!!!!!

So there you have it, I am in love with it and I really enjoy looking at it. I plan on adding to it but for now I am happy!

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