Monday, 30 September 2013

Monday Monday!

I am never ready for Monday. Whilst days don't really mean too much to me particularly,  it means andy ia back at work or college and that makes me sad.

This week is another busy week. We get to meet our friends new arrival on Tuesday!  I am so excited,  I am really hopeful that she and belle will be good friends! 
Then it's our weekly sign class, belle has  been going since about 6 months old and really enjoys the group.  It's one of the best!!
We start a new balance class on Friday which I am looking forward to,  I think belle will get a lot from it as well as burning some energy! 

Should be a nice week.  I am also hoping to get some craft done in all that but we shall see.  Nothing like a toddler and a house to keep a girl busy!!

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