Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's Okay blog hop

Nugget On A Budget

This is my first week linking up with Nugget on a budget, Kera is a blogger that I found through a blog hop a while ago and when her title this week popped up in my news feed I stopped by.

It's Okay #7. figuring out this mummy of two deal.

Obviously, expecting our second child is on my mind at times and I love hearing how people cope/adapt especially when she has a 2 year old which is a similar age to Belle when this baby arrives. So here are my it's okays!

It's okay ... that I don't think about being pregnant as much the second time around than I did with Isabelle. 

It's okay ... that I spend extra moments appreciating the three of us and Mummy Belle time. Because I know it will be different soon!

It's okay ... that I have made a real effort the last two weeks to stay on top of the house and now it looks as though a bomb went off again. Seriously, how much untidyness can 3 people make!?

I don't have many 'it's okays' this week. Hopefully I will link up again next week and have some more!


  1. Oh goodness, my house always looks like a bomb exploded. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up, Natalie! Congrats on baby #2...and I'm glad that you found some of my It's Okays helpful to you, since you'll soon be in my current situation! It is a huge adjustment, but we just have to get through it in whatever way is possible. Still though, I wouldn't trade my two girls for anything. And don't worry, my house is a hot mess too :)