Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The responsibility of choosing a name for our baby

Choosing a name for our child has been the most difficult task for so many reasons. I am trying to take  the task seriously because we have to be happy with the name for the rest of the child's life, but also our child needs to like their name really too.

Reading this article got me thinking about the names we were considering and it made me look into it a little more.

The summary of this article is that names are not a guarantee to any sort of life, but there is research that would suggest a name can make things easier for them.

So what does that mean for us, choosing a name?!

Most successful boys names
Most successful girls names

Obviously the lists above are only from one source. Fortunately we have names on birth of these lists, but will I let this influence our decision?

How do you choose a baby's name?!


  1. I'm not a fan of the 'baby name angst' article, he's said 'those with more feminine sounding names are more likely to choose humanities at University.' like that's something to look down on? We can't/wouldn't want to all be bankers or high flyers - but why does that mean that's because of our name? I just want to make a difference, but perhaps that's just because I have a feminine name and I've been pushed in that direction - no. I don't honestly believe that.

    I do understand what he means about some names but as a whole I can't see it as a particularly bad/negative thing xx

  2. I've always said if you name a child jack, he is more than likely to be a handful. Every jack i have know has been a bit full on. I don't know if this is down to the way jack sounds when being told off, quiet harsh, or maybe its just coincidence?

  3. I don't think giving your child a certain name can make them more/less successful. We just wanted the names we chose to "flow". I looked through THOUSANDS of name lists online and wrote down any I'd consider. Then my husband went through my list and chose any he liked. It helps if there's a certain genre you like..we went for Irish and Biblical names.