Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Currently ... adjusting

So whilst I get used to this new little lady and the way our little life is turning out I figured I would take stock of how I am coping and opening up the discussion for ideas....

As I am breastfeeding for as long as possible I am sat in the house quite a lot, at first it drove me insane not doing anything. So I got into Vampire Diaries a little later than everyone else I admit but it was in my on demand as the full 3 series so I knew if I liked it I would be able to spend a few days obsessing over it!! Now that series 4 has started here real time, I have to wait a week to get my next fix. Which is kind of nice, my weeks aren't really broken up other than Andy being around at the the weekend.

I have completely lost my appetite since giving birth, I don't know why or whether it's normal but eating is something I actually have to fore myself to do. Having quick food around - soups and pre chopped veg has been a necessity. Most days I don't get to breakfast until 11am because she is on off feeding and dozing. So I am all skewed with timings of eating. I have definitely found that I can cope more now that I am making eating a priority, feeding Isabelle has also become a little easier since my body is getting the energy it needs.

My wardrobe has also become quite limited to stretchy tops, button down tops and vest tops to make feeding easier. All of these just get paired with jeans so I don't feel very inspiring at the moment! I would like to get into more dresses but one job I really need to tackle is my wardrobe, I have so many clothes again at the moment it is ridiculous. As I am trying to loose weight I am not keen on doing much just yet but like I said I don't wear a lot of what I have because of feeding. Hopefully around christmas time I will have more of an idea!

I am mostly adjusting to my new lack of independence, it has been very strange accepting that Isabelle is mine and relies heavily on me. Everything I do is in Isabelle's best interests and will effect how and who she develops into. Such a crazy massive responsibility!! I love it. I love her.

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