Wednesday, 30 May 2012

21 to 24 weeks

So my sister requested an update!

I need to get better at taking belly pictures because I am sure these do not show my massive belly!!

Its so exciting to see how far along we are from the first pictures I took, I barely remember what my feet look like or how to paint my toe nails. I am looking forward to Stacey coming home over her summer break (she's hoping to do her masters you know) but it means she should be here when our baby arrives which makes me very excited.

Anyway here is THE belly.....
                                           21 weeks                             22 weeks
                                          23 weeks                             24 weeks

I think my bump is still relatively small really. But this is my first so I am hoping this is just the way things go. Especially when I compare my belly with my friend - who is on her third baby, our bellies are almost the same!

We listened to the baby heartbeat again today and the rate still comes out around 138-142. Old wives say that above 140 is a girl and below a boy. Very typical that we don't know the gender and this gives us no indication!!

Any ideas?

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  1. Hmm yeah, I think boy, can you take one from the front too please?? xx