Friday, 11 May 2012

End of another week

We have been busy little bees again this week, nothing for the baby! Just socializing and catching up on some sleep - I really feel like this last week has been a drag. A quick but draggy week.

Andy and I cooked for some friends on Monday and I have been maintaining the house ever since then, when its this tidy I love our house even more. The space and relaxed atmosphere just makes me feel lovely.

I have put aside Saturday morning for my assignment writing because I have 3 weeks left and it would be really nice to get it to the proof stage so that I don't have any more 'big' commitments to fulfill before the baby arrives.

We have also been planning a trip with friends from above which is very exciting, we are just trying to find a weekend that fits with all of us. In fact probably over the next few weeks you will see some tutorials appearing as we need some bits and pieces for the trip that I will be making from stash of fabric :)

Other than that we had a lovely roast dinner with my mum and step-dad yesterday - I hadn't had a roast in ages so it was extra lovely. Plus I didn't have to cook so it was a good all rounder!!

Andy is hoping to get in the garden tomorrow to try and build our sleeper wall that he has been working on for the last year of weekends (thats probably just what it feels like) and I am determined to get somewhere with the assignment. So another eventful weekend for us ..... :D

I will also get my last 2 weeks bump pictures up soon. I am 22 weeks and 4 days today. September is getting ever closer!

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