Tuesday, 12 November 2013


November has had a funny start for me, I have been struggling with lifting Isabelle and my expanding tummy. I have been struggling with my tiredness again. I have been struggling with Isabelle's tantrums - a whole new world of fun!!!

I kinda let it happen for the week. Let it take its course and have a little faith I would come out the other side. I took time to talk with Andy about how I was feeling rather than keep getting myself down about how I felt. It was the sort of week you emerge from feeling thankful, grateful and renewed.

So I have some new goals, new ideas for the current stage Isabelle is at and how I am going to survive this transition to 2 children! Luckily I have family around me so I know I truly know I am not alone.

Who can stay frustrated with cuddles in pyjamas and wellies?!

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