Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My current reads

My readership of blogs varies week by week but I find myself stopping by to some of the same ones now and I thought I would share them with you...

Sunny With a Chance of Sprinkles I cannot remember how I found Chelsea but I love her honesty about juggling a child, school and a relationship. I love the crafts they do together and being reminded to take time out to just enjoy life.

A Sorta Fairytale Blog Mandy is a photographer with amazing skills for capturing her boys. I love them! I love how real life this mum seems too. Makes me feel a little more sane!

Bleubird Vintage I think everyone in blogger land has read James at some point, but I truly love the simplicity of their photos, plans for life. I love the Montessori inspiration for my children too.

Smile and Wave Rachel is a week ahead of me in her third pregnancy and although I have been following for a long time I cannot wait to see what she blogs about over the next 4 months!

C H and O Daddy Is the blog of one of my best friends husband. I love seeing blogging and parenting from a man's point of view. Their 2 boys are older than Belle but Olivia will be the same school year, I love that we have that from a friendship point of view.

Lastly, my sister Improvised Intentions although we see her fairly regularly she also blogs with a different style to me so it makes an interesting read!

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