Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just studying

Well since my hips are playing up at the moment, all I seem to comfortably be able to do is sit or lay on the sofa.

I am fed up with the telly because apparently day time telly is just not that exciting!

Luckily for Andy I am being a lot more adventurous with our dinners, it just takes me a bit longer because I have to sit down quite often! Last night we had lamb and new potatoes. Andy said I can make it again so it went down well!!

Fortunately I am able to keep on top of my studies so that come May (MAY!!!!) I am done and ready to hand in my final assignment. Which makes me endless amounts of happy. This year is such a big year for me. Who am I kidding, the last 3 year have been huge. I think next year I might take a break!! Yeah right....

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