Sunday, 4 March 2012

Catch up

Another good intention of mine has completely gone out of the window! I am working on a plan for this little blog of mine at the moment, but university studies have kind of taken over for a little bit. Bring on June!!

We have also been quite busy with a little trip away, rearranging the house and generally trying to keep on top of things!! The trip away has produced another job for me too, Andy's cousin is getting married next year so I have volunteered my crafty nature by making their wedding stationary. I am putting it off until the middle of march really just to give me a goal!

Andy and I have another busy week planned as we are off to see my cousins on Monday, Tuesday we have a 13 week scan and Wednesday is my deadline for my assignment but I am also going out for a carvery with a new friend which I am really looking forward to.

Hopefully I manage to take more pictures because I did not take one the whole time I was away. Which I was quite sad about because there were times I did think about it and I just didn't make myself.

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