Sunday, 25 March 2012

Baby Shower: Cake plates?

So I have been thinking about the baby shower that I might have dependent on the weather and family etc. I kind of like the idea of all the women in my life getting together and celebrating my first child! At first I struggled with the idea of being the centre of attention because I am not big on fuss. But then I thought its an excuse to get things done in the garden by setting a date, I quite fancy inviting the men along and having them on the xbox or doing the manly thing!

So what a good little idea these things are!! I think when I am next off shopping in the charity shops I will be seeking different sized pretty plates. It would be lovely to give these as a gift because the metal bits are the expensive bit, the plates I can imagine being relatively cheap really. I think it would be a nice momento of the shower? But then people may not be bakers and I think having a few options might be the best idea!

ebay even have a multi buy deal

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