Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another weekend gone!

How does this keep happening!? Every time I pay attention to the date its almost the end of another month, I just can't get my head around it!

I guess time does fly when you are having fun?!

This weekend we have pottered around the house and just tried to keep on top of things. I never knew how intense maintaining a house could be! My mister is getting better at doing things but he has other interests that i guess just pop up as more important! I am certainly getting better at juggling a lot more balls and seeing how things can be combined to get more done. Part of me thinks that has something to do with being female and the majority of the cleaning falling in my domain....

I am really into decorating at the moment, I have so many ideas for the blank walls in our house! The downstairs bathroom is really exiting me at the moment, a friend gave us one of her boxes in a teal colour and I decided to go for pink on the bathroom cabinet so I am thinking of a really rich colour scheme like pink and teal with all of our metal signs and vintage prints.

 Aww, nice awkward face!!

You can tell why I am keen to decorate this space!! I can't get over how plain the house was before us, the previous owners can't have liked colour much as everywhere is white!!!

We are starting delivering again soon, so I am hoping to use the time to crochet blankets and bits and pieces so that the time is used productively! I mean, we will be getting paid too and when its busy I obviously wont be crocheting, but when its quiet I hope I can get pieces together to put in my shop/sell at a market.

I am also really in love with this simple but effective idea. I think I will try and give it a go this week. Maybe!

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