Saturday, 17 December 2011

Week gone by

This week hasn't flown as quickly as others, it started out quite stressful - making sure my work was handed in on time and in the right way, but that is done now!

Friday I took the day off to see my sister, she has blogged all about our failed macaroons which really sums up our day!!

As it is saturday, this is what I am looking forward to

    • Serving the christmas lunch at work
    • Serving the christmas breakfast (5:30am) at work
    • Wrapping and finishing some last minute gifts
    • Giving gifts to people I wont see at christmas
    • Starting to get ahead with some uni work
I still didn't manage to take many if any pictures this week, I really need to make myself do this.

Given the plans I have for the new year I don't know if I can handle trying to throw 'take more pictures' into my new years resolutions. We shall see. 

I want to do a whole post on new years resolutions - linked to my 25 before 25, things have been changing themselves up around here. 7 months in our own home has definitely changed me as a person, as well as us as a couple. Young couple. 



  1. Look at some lovely things I have found;
    ornament pillow -
    things out of tree trunks (tree decorations or present labels, I think this is a you AND Andy craft!)-

  2. This lady is really good
    because she organizes lots of good craft finds into one post should you ever be bored/not have an idea! xx