Friday, 9 December 2011

O christmas tree, O christmas tree....

Since we only moved into our first house this May we don't have a lot of decorations going on this year. We have a real tree (!!) Something I haven't ever experienced before and it is doing rather well I must say, very limited needle drop - that might have sealed my fate or something!!

I made some plush hearts to be our main colour and then my lovely mum has given me all of the ones she had brought me over the years, I even have the dates on them :) I hope even though now I am a home owner she makes a new decoration a part of my present every year. That would be so lovely. 

As for other decorations, I have loads of ideas in my head that just don't seem to come out. I am quite deep into an assignment at the moment but by Wednesday I will be free and able to focus on christmas!!

Yesterday morning I did manage to finish one of my presents though, so I am still on target to meet all deadlines!

Christmas day is going to be strange this year, we have decided to stay home and be together, its a lovely thing and a new thing - which makes me slightly apprehensive!!

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