Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I heart my new hoover!

We just spent the last of our wedding vouchers yesterday on a new hoover! Its amazing, the cat seems to malt everywhere so it was getting to be a pain.
This Russell Hobbs is so brilliant at getting rid of the hair I didn't think it could be that easy!! The suction on this would suit any home even without pets, its just a great compact little thing! Plus its white so its fairly cute?

I have been asked to help (do) another scrap book, for someone at works daughter. I am quite excited because this little lady is also 21 so I feel like I have a bit more potential to do it right!! Although the previous one went down very well so fingers crossed for this one! I love working with people to create personal memories, if this was my job I would be very happy!!

Now I am off to sort my student finance and take another look at this scrap book ....

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