Sunday, 3 July 2011

Carrier Bag holder tutorial

To start with, I am not a sewer that measures very often! So all lengths are approximate and really just try your own and go with it. See what you create!!

I started with a large piece of fabric and cut about 30cm from the fold - I folded the fabric in half so that I didn't have to sew up one side.

Then I pinned the top hem, I unfolded the fabric and did it in on long strip.

I added some elastic to the bottom because I thought it would give it a nice effect - I didn't hem it either, I left the end frayed just to give it a bit of an old feel.
I pinned the elastic to start with, pulling it taught as I did and found that the best way for me to do this was to just sew the first bit and then pull the elastic (40cm at most) as I put it through the machine. This was a bit of trial and error but the end product looked good.....

Once all of the little bits were done I then pinned the sides together and stitched it up to make a tube shape. Before this stage you could add any embellishment you like, I did think about felt hearts with a blanket stitch edging but I love this material so I wanted to keep it plain.

You also need to remember not to stitch the hemmed top of the tube up, this is where you will thread your ribbon to add the holder to a hook.

Thread the ribbon through with a safety pin, tie a knot and you are done!!

This is my finished piece in the kitchen, I was amazed at how many carrier bags I had squirrelled a way :)

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