Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weekend inspiration

So this weekend my mister is at a conference, I have a nice evening planned with some ladies from work on the Friday but I am thinking about trying to whip up a dress ready for The Royal Cornwall show in June.

Therefore I was lucky enough to come across this Making a dress pattern which actually shows you how to make the pattern as opposed to just the dress. I am not one for patterns and prefer to experiment as I go along!!! I don't think I will use it but let me know if you have any success with it. I am also hoping to get a little shopping in in the morning so who knows I might even get around to taking some pictures of my finds!

We finally have our moving date!!!!! Hurrah, on the 27th May we will officially be in our own home! So get set for pictures and tutorials of all the lovely home things I plan to make.

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