Tuesday, 7 June 2011

We have moved!

We have sucessfully moved into our new home!!!
Its all a bit quiet for the moment as we are waiting for our internet to be delivered, I have taken loads of pictures and started on our moving posts so I will be sure to update this site really soon.

We have also had an addition to our little family..... Mr Tibbs! A 2 year old tabby cat that we rescued from a local animal welfare charity. I have many pictures of him!!!

The lounge and the bedroom are decorated - not tidy but decorated! We seem to be making slow progress..... Its all good though. Still quite strange having our own space.

I have almost finished my research essay which means one more exam and then I will be free for the summer! I have a few plans to fill my time. Craft shop, write a romance novel..... the usual stuff to fit in around work!!

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