Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I lost the plot ...

So ever since I wrote my little 25 before 25 I have managed not to blog for another week!! I must have jinxed myself by saying I wanted to blog everyday!!

I think that my list is going to have to be a bit more interactive than I initially imagined because I have already changed my mind and I thought of things I want to add! Perhaps I will have more to get done than I planned; which sounds to me like a lot of ladies I know!

Last weekend the mister and I went to watch the motocross in Landrake, Cornwall. We went on the Saturday so it was the junior qualifiers. I had a really great day and loved being sat with the old man for the whole day - who now is thinking about getting into MX.

I will post some pictures tomorrow, they aren't that exciting if you aren't into bikes.... but its good to do things together :) I was surprised by how much I did enjoy it though.

Life seems to go so quickly the older you get, I remember thinking this year is going to drag - its a transitional year for us, 2 years of marriage, another year at uni, getting settled in our house. There isn't anything major really happening (Apart from signing our lives away with the mortgage!!)

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