Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Long walk

The mister and I took a long walk this evening, there are some road works that I needed to figure out - because I am terribly impatient I needed to find an alternative route. Unfortunately until we move I am just going to have to be traffic.

I made an interesting necklace last night and I am still deciding what to wear it with tomorrow for work, its another cameo design with a coral background on a pearl string. I have plans to put a tutorial together for it as its mainly assembly however I am still learning how to use the camera successfully!!

We are in for a busy couple of weeks at the moment, this weekend we are off to a Tattoo Convention and both of us are considering actually taking the plunge! Next weekend the mister is away for a conference so I will be trying to get my report out of the way. Then the last weekend in May we are planning on going Camping down in Cornwall - Padstow. I am actually really excited :)

My sister is up in Leeds for uni and she told me to get out of my routine right before she left. I was a bit hurt to start with because I like my little life, however, going to the MX and this tattoo convention, camping and just thinking about doing something different has really helped me get out of a funk I was getting stuck in. If only I was as wise at 19!!

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