Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Such a lovely weekend

We had a great weekend, Andy worked most of it but the bits we did do I actually started to take pictures of once again!

Andy loves home made hamburgers, so seen as I am trying to get more creative in the kitchen and use more whole some ingredients I said why not!!

I would like to play around with recipes/instructions once more before I bring them here as they were tasty but too huge for me!! 500g of mince in that picture, which makes 1/4lbers but that's just too big for me!

Andy and Isabelle were also playing peek-a-boo chase, an absolute favourite in our house at the moment. Although sometimes Isabelle just runs towards to you as opposed to away :)



  1. the peek-a-boo pictures are just too cute.

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    Co-Host // Justynn
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  2. The hamburgers look yummy and your daughter peaking at the camera is adorable.