Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I love to eat!

*I have not been paid or sponsored by Nak'd bars, this is my honest opinion from a product I purchased.*

As the title suggests I have a very big love affair in my life, food. An affair that doesn't always benefit me. Therefore, Andy and I recently decided enough was enough, Isabelle is more and more interested in food - especially what we are eating. This made me stop and think about how I want to parent her through weaning to an eventual healthy relationship with food. So far so good, she is brilliant at trying new things and loves fruit and veg. I mostly couldn't be prouder!
Like us though she definitely has a sweet tooth, which has given me a mission, to find healthier sweeter treats for occasionally, not all the time.

I brought my first Nak'd bar in Tesco recently but I had seen them in Holland and Barrett too, having clean eating in mind I thought, lets give it a go! Boy am I glad I did. My traditionally palated husband also found them to be a good substitute for a sweet kick. I was even happier to discover that they are a small English firm trying to make their way in this processed world, so I knew you would like them too!!

I will be honest though, I was at home when I wanted something sweet. So I did attempt my own, they were delicious but not as perfect as the real Nak'd bar I had tried. I made a Pecan pie replica but used too many raisins....

I have also tried the Apple pie and Chocolate Orange ones, and I can only sing their praises!


  1. I tried a couple of these and wasn't the biggest fan I don't think. I'm pretty sure I did a post about it - ah yes ( but at that point I hadn't had a couple of the others. I remember liking them but feeling like I wanted more nut as opposed to dates or raisins. Do you reckon sort a recipe out like that? xx

  2. Jusg been catching up with the blogs - love the new title picture! X x

  3. Oh my gosh! Are we having the same affair?.... With food!! lol. I wont tell anyone else if you don't!