Saturday, 20 April 2013

Paleo, work and the thought inbetween

The good news to report is that this recipe was a great success! Both Andy and I enjoyed it immensely. I made some squash fries to go with it and it was the perfect compliment. Andy enjoyed the flavours and the experiment certainly pleased him! (I am quite shy with herbs!)

On the work front, I have some decisions to make soon and thinking about even making them brings me to tears. I don't really leave Belle at the moment - or enjoy the thought of leaving her. I just love having her around and she isn't any trouble. I know I would enjoy time with Andy but her little routine at the moment allows us time/me time to recharge that I don't find myself 'needing' a break.

Doing something creative from home whilst looking after Belle has always been my dream. Now it just comes down to finances. Which is awful.

Diet wise, this transition is going well. Who knows how I would manage it with work too - then it was all about convenience for me. I guess it would just mean being super organised all the time. I feel like with Andy on shift we would see each other less, which I hate the idea of.

I think most women end up in this debate when they have children, before this job offer I felt like I had made my decision. We both know our budget is tight but it could work. I spoke with my Mum and a dear friend about this little blip and I just don't think I can give up seeing Isabelle's firsts, or even give up being the one to teach her. To top it off I have been looking at learning at home and I believe Montessori is more akin to our family beliefs than the way a Nursery would go about things. Gah...... decisions............

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