Monday, 26 November 2012

So when I have a free moment

I am enjoying reading a series of blogs at the moment, in between baby raising, keeping the house clean and my mister fed. This is what I find myself drawn to once I am free

Bright wishes
Eight days a week - which made me a little broody .... err hello 10 week old missus (?!?!)
As always, Smile and Wave
Sunny with a chance of sprinkles

And my friend's blogs
Katy - who just had a baby with her husband James. Aside from my baby girl of course, she is my favourite new friend for Belle. Our household has a cough cold at the moment so I haven't met Olivia yet but I know that when I do I am going to be amazed at the size difference.

Plus of course, my little sister. She is back at uni for her Master's degree but she came down last weekend to meet Belle and it was so beautiful. There is something so heart warming seeing the people you love together. I am positive Belle loved having someone else around to look at - plus Stacey takes so many pictures I get to remember bits I might have missed.

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  1. I've been joining a lot of blog hops, which means i'm reading a ton of great blogs! Im one of your newest followers from the GFC Blog Hop. I would love for you to check my blog out and hopefully follow back!