Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Yesterday the 12th I turned 23. Birthdays and age hasn't ever meant a lot to me, I think growing old is inevitable and therefore why worry. This birthday however, has  come at a time when I am amazed by the feeling of running out of time. Belle has grown so much I find it so hard to both believe and accept.  Many things I remember my mum saying about growing fast have a new meaning, I think that's a part of appreciating the life you create. 

My birthday doesn't seem a big deal with how my life is at the moment, but as I have yet to experience a child's birthday I imagine it to be very bitter sweet for my parents. Loving being a part of their very grown up daughter's life (!!) but also wondering how 23 years has passed. 

I have had a lovely day and seen a lot of the people I love. Which in my mind is what keeps me in the here and now, making time for and appreciating the family I have. 

I have had such a blessed year and truly love where I am in my life right now. Even with less sleep :)

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