Saturday, 10 November 2012

My baby is 2 months old

How did that happen?!

I have read a lot of mummy blogs that discuss the passing of time with their children as being so quick and almost unreal. I mean I remember so vividly being overdue with Isabelle and thinking I would be the world's first 10 month pregnancy! Yet here we are, starting to sleep well at night and developing so much everyday.

At the moment Belle is asleep, she is fighting day time sleeps and getting more of her personality each day. We now have a stroppy cry and an angry suck on the dummy. She pretty much has control of her head now until she gets tired and then its just laziness!


  1. it really is amazing at how fast they grow :)

  2. Oh my goodness hug her and squeeze her extra for me today-- and hug her sweet mommy too. You're doing amazing I just know it you two month old mommy you. =)

    Following ya from the GFC hop and am so excited to get to know ya better.

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