Friday, 27 April 2012

Weeks 18 to 20

I have done this post a week early because we had our 19 week scan on the 19th April, which was kind of frightening!!! Being half way through doesn't even seem real. This year is just flying passed.

18 weeks                              19 weeks                           20 weeks

There was only 4 days between my 19 and 20 week picture and I can really see a bump forming! I am still at that point where not everyone at work knows, so its strange coming into a time where I wont have that 'is she fat or pregnant?' look!!

As I said previously, I have recorded this post early because we had our scan and everything is really healthy. The sonographer was really lovely and spent probably 20 minutes showing us so much detail of our little one. We made the joint decision not to find out what gender our baby is just to keep the excitement going!

Andy thinks girl but I think boy. I did think girl in the beginning but I just feel different about it now!! Not too sure what changed my mind, I think because its our first child I really don't mind as long as pea is happy and healthy.

Another reason for posting early is that Andy felt the baby kick/move!! On the 23rd April, he felt the baby kick/move about 4 times before pea settled to sleep. The movements are getting stronger now and I am more aware of them each day. I am looking forward to the stage where Andy can talk to the baby and actually get a reaction. His face is just such a picture when he can be included.

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