Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wedding invitations

I may have mentioned before that I am making the wedding stationery for Andy's cousin; she is due to get married June 2013 - when we will have a 9 month old :O.

So here is a sneaky peek at what has been swallowing my time recently!!

I am also of the opinion that a pregnancy is a really good way to realise how fast time does fly by. I am obviously counting the weeks and trying to learn as much as I can about what is happening inside of me but its a scary thought that in 4 weeks my uni days are done, in less than 20 weeks our baby could be here and in 1 week the most premature baby has survived. Yes I think (worry) about these things. 

On the other hand our baby stuff collection is growing away - similarly to my belly! I think luckily for me our scales have broken and I am no longer weighing myself each day. I want to just take this as it is intending to come but with a sensible diet to limit how much extra pressure goes onto my hips!

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