Monday, 17 October 2011

Roast Chicken!!

Ok, so this is a live in action post.(haha - that reminded me of the radio stations my sister and I used to create)

I am in the process of roasting my first ever chicken! How cool is that?! So I have taken to doing at least one thing I really really wanted to do a day, then follow it up with at least 2 things I must do because otherwise I will feel guilty - I am just that way inclined!

Anyways, this is what I have done so far - pre heated the oven we have fan assisted so its on at 180 degrees. I poured the stuffing in because there as just no way my hand was going into the thing. Then I rubbed some butter on the skin. Wrapped in foil and popped it into a tray.

Seems easy enough (fatal words?!?!?) So I am just about to pop up to tomorrow's venue for the Ladies Meal  and then I can come back and enjoy!

I will post pictures shortly ........


  1. Next time.. if you feel a bit more adventurous.. you should make a garlic and herby butter, peel this skin back and rub it underneath it.... so tastey and infused! Sounds good though.. I had a thigh and a leg with roast vegetables, tastey. totally know what you mean about the radio station haha. Looking forward to the photo's :) xx

  2. That did sound like the radio station tapes - I still have one somewhere!! love you x x x Moma