Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Land of lonely ...

So my mister is on shift work again now, which isn't exactly thrilling.

I know he isn't best pleased about it, but the money is useful and we really appreciate our time together so much more.
I am also back at uni so one evening a week I get a really long day, I know that my weekends are going to packed full of fun studying sessions! Pfft

Enough of woe is me....

Christmas in our first home is about 10 weeks away!!! Woo!!
I am liking these bows, they look like something I could throw together to decorate the tree in a Christmas theme.
I have also been collecting sweets and squirreling them away for our break. I am still in two minds whether to take any extra time off but I guess that depends how organised I am!!! Luckily, I am slowly collecting ideas of things to make for family and friends.

Hopefully I can get the mister to come around to a traditional Christmas :). House to home is such a cutesy website, it is becoming one of my favourites!! 

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