Sunday, 16 October 2011

An exciting weekend

Saturday turned out to be a lovely day, I started with the opticians - which was quite traumatic! We had a look in Saltash's Fore Street Shops, sometimes we find some quite good bargains but I couldn't see anything that exciting. I had the dentist a bit later so we were lucky to find a craft fair. I managed to get a hold of some bees wax so that I can practise making some lip balm without spending a fortune - just need to pick up some nice essential oils, I am really fussy with smells.

After the dentist we visited Andy's parents for a cuppa. They have just rescued an 8 year old catty from the same place we got Tibbsy from, theirs seems much quieter than Tibbs. Lucky things.

Mummy phoned whilst I was eating my pasty (yummmm) because they were visiting the reclamation place up the road from us. They popped in for another cuppa and we caught up with their busy little life too. Mum is decorating her lounge now. I am secretly jealous because she has been fortunate to buy a place that very much suits the country style where as our new build is more modern and I can only have hints of country!!!

Andy and I visited Dunelm Mill, we managed to pick up some cute wicker hearts that I am not entirely sure where I will put them but I knew I wanted them!!! We went in looking for a red bin, tablecloth and curtain fabric (there was a brown that I am completely in love with, Andy wasn't too sure so I think I will go back and have another look!!) We left with a new lampshade for the dinning room and a crystally one for the bedroom. Which I love love love!

Pets at home is just across from Dunelm so we bulk brought Tibbs food and litter tray filler. Saved ourselves a bundle but now we have to store it!!!

Finally we got Tesco - again looking for this red bin. Which we quite desperately need due to Tibbs pulling it over and eating out of it. At the moment I am storing it in the downstairs toilet. As we walked in the door we spotted a really good phone deal, we left with 2 new phones and a saving of about £30 a month! Andy had a pizza and I had a chicken tikka! Love the flexibility of microwave meals!!!!!!

Then we sat and watched Legally Blonde 2 because I needed to remember I have a voice, I can stand up for myself and to trust who I am.

Sunday we had a lazy start with the Australia v New Zealand rugby, I put some washing in and hoovered through in half time. Then I spent the afternoon crocheting a new project I am working on....... I will keep that a secret until my new phone is working and I can show you a picture to make it make sense!!!!

How was your weekend? Ever feel like you need to find your voice?


  1. My weekend was good thanks, Theana went home so I was pretty lonely! I had a lazy evening Friday where I did some drawing in the book/journal you gave me for Christmas last year (the journal challenge I did last summer), Saturday I woke up late but did 3/6 things on my to do list and tried to tackle the 4th but it was too hard. Then Saturday evening I went to a BBQ Jess (from first year) was hosting, left to get ready for a night out, then went to Dani's as she had some of her boys from home up. had a night out, rather funny, made up with Amy. Sunday (today) Aly and I have been laying in my bed all day watching TOWIE/Jersey Shore and it's been ace. Just got back from having Chinese/watching downton abbey/TOWIE at Dani's. Going to get some sleep and try and complete the last two of my to-do list tomorrow! And then tomorrow night the cheerleaders/american footballers are playing take me out.. so I might find me a man! Haha no, but I do get to be on a podium saying yes or no.

    Hope you have a good week, do you like my new blog? xx

  2. And next week the clocks go back (I think) so even less time!!

    hope you manage to fit everything in my lovely !!

    It was good to see you in the week - I am very proud of you :)

    see you soon x x x Moma X