Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sneakily sneak

My mister is playing rugby this afternoon but I hate the waiting around before the actual game starts, usually I try to be a part of his rugby by getting to know the locals and sometimes helping out. But we are still very much the new kids and although Andy has been a part of this club before as a single young lad, we as a married home owning couple haven't.

Which seems to make things strange for me.

I don't really feel I have a lot to say to the lads because they are the typical 21 year olds that we very much aren't. I think this is where my over analysis of social situations comes in, most of the lads probably haven't given me a second thought nor thought about what they would even say to me. Whereas I have concocted many scenario's so that should I have need to strike up a conversation or reply I don't sound like the most arrogant person in the entire world!

I think Andy is best left to fit in because the girlfriends don't seem to get involved much in this club!

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