Saturday, 17 September 2011

Home Economics

I really struggled to think of a name for my blog back in April, I am so glad my mister came up with Home Bird Economics. 

In the south the slang for a woman can be a 'bird', I think its slowly working its way out of current language but for me it added me to an interesting topic I wish I had pursued further. Trouble is, when I was at school there just wasn't the home ec classes I wanted. 

I really enjoyed reading this article on Home Economics in America, I know it isn't strictly relevant to the UK because we don't have a specific programme. But how are the future generations supposed to move this economic situation forward when the current generation has already missed living on a budget, financial education and thriving on credit, replace instead of repair? I just don't see how anything is going to change until someone is prepared to realise that you can't have both a family and successful career simultaneously. I am not saying that its the woman's job to stay home and support their man because actually woman can earn better than a man if thats what they choose. Maybe its a luxury that money means I can have this opinion - we will be fine financially when I give up working until the Children are in school, we will live on a budget and wont spend money like it means nothing. Our children will be brought up saving and making their own things - because thats what we believe in. But we only believe this because our parents did. If we were brought up on credit perhaps things would be different .... 

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