Friday, 9 September 2011

Living room finishing touches: Part One

I am really struggling at the moment to choose the style of curtains we would like to go for in our living room, we have browns and beige's, its quite neutral and cosy. So I am keen to keep this feel and get something that will compliment the existing atmosphere. I think that duck egg blue will really tie the room together and make it a little more exciting!

Orginially I called this post "Living room finishing touches" and as I am writing this post I realised that I am a way off yet and have so many 'finishing touches' to go. So 'part one' was added!

The Cosy Home Blog was a good starting place for me, some food for thought most definitely.

But I really wanted some pictures, this wasn't easy because as usual I know what I want it to feel like in my head. So I found some good colours and started to build my own picture, whilst looking at my window. I sketched it out and tried to think about walking into the room seeing the curtains there and how they worked with our patterned wall and cream sofa's.

Then I thought, I am going to have to learn how to do this! So I had to choose between pencil pleats, eyelets or voile's......
I know I want to keep an elegant feel to the room so I think that it has to be pencil pleats - vintage and classic. I am sure this video will be useful once I have all of my supplies together. Although I have to make the curtain design first....... Whilst still keeping the curtains quite neutral and having smaller pieces of the duck egg blue colour to keep the room sane.

When I am out looking for the fabric I will be taking a piece of our wall paper for the brown and creams but also  some petals of a fake flower in the blue that I am trying to include. I think I have a bit of an adventure ahead of me!! Yet I feel excited to create this space for us.

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