Friday, 19 August 2011


In a conversation with a friend at work I realized we have only been in our new home for 8 weeks!! 

I am in love with this wallpaper for our downstairs toilet. I wanting to make it really loud and just an exciting place to be! I don't really know why because its just the toilet; I think its because its the one most people will use and actually see. Its like my hidden crazy!!!

Something that has caught my fancy again this weekend is making a shirred/smocked summer dress. I have some really cute fabric and I think its light enough to make a cute dress or even top really. I love this twirl dress, but we shall save that one for a later date!!! Although as I carry any extra weight on my waist it still might be quite flattering .....

Our Beaumont Blue decking is coming along nicely, we haven't painted all of it yet but it is getting there and it looks great! I think I am a big fan of colour in the garden! I want to paint the house white but once we go there that will be like a 2 yearly job and expense that I am not sure is the best option for us. Worth some thoughts I think!!

To sum up I am really happy with our time in the house, its lovely and I honestly think that the hassle was worth it for this little gem.

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