Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Christmas Planning

I know I know its really early, BUT i have big plans this year. My man and I are staying home on our own for the first time ever (EVER) over christmas. I am really looking forward to it, but I know its going to be quite difficult without seeing our family because thats christmas! At least if we have done it once we will know for the future!
So anyway...... I want this string to make the presents even cuter to hand over. I am also thinking about my some little garlands with them.

I am going to make our christmas wreath this year. I want two, one for our front door and one for our side door. I think I will try to organise a mummy and Natalie craft day for this little task because my Mum is good at craft things. I have no doubt my sister will tag along too. I know that my in laws will want a wreath so maybe I will start taking orders!!!

This fantastic shop has the kind of style I will be going for, some of these things are just too cute!

My mister also started our stockings (yes I got home sewing) last year but they never got finished, I am thinking I will try to surprise him and get them made up int time for our first christmas in our home together :) A lot of my ideas are coming from a variety of websites I find, I will try to keep them here to share!

Mr.Tibbs has decided he needs a cuddle so I guess I am done for the night!

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  1. Sounds good! Dad says he's got a photo for you to send me, where will it be? On here? Hope you're all okay xxxx