Friday, 17 June 2011

Whilst the mister is fishing ... (slate heart tutorial)

So we went fishing again at the weekend, I have started taking photo's to practise my photography skills! On this occasion  I had great fun making slate hearts. Here is a short tutorial explaining what I did - with some mad photography skills chucked in for fun!!

This an example of my skills!

I collected a pile of thin slate that I thought had good potential.

Then I found a big strong stone to beat the slate with, I found that a slightly pointed one worked best for me. However, this does double as a bit of an arm work out depending on how many you make!!

I found that small relatively delicate hits gave me control over shaping the slate.

Shaping the stone was quite difficult at times because the slate was quite brittle and would just fall apart. I think with this activity you have to accept that not all will work and also, its free so you can do as many as you like even with breakages its only your time.....

This was one of my favourites, sometimes you need to accept their imperfections too - like the piece at the top on the right. Personally, I think that is part of its charm! :)

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