Friday, 3 May 2013

Badger Balm - Sun cream

We have been so fortunate to have some good weather recently, it has been lovely taking Isabelle into the garden and getting some fresh air!

However, the sun has always been a love hate kinda thing for me. I like a little colour but I am extremely worried about the harmful rays that can cause problems for our skin, internally and our eyes. I was worried about me. Now I am worried about Isabelle. I know the best thing we can do is limit our time in the sun and when we are in the sun to stay as covered as possible with hats and sunglasses.

I know I sound like a worry wart, people that live outside of the UK get more sun most likely and cope with it a lot differently. When I decided it was time to purchase some organic, safe, baby friendly sun cream I hit a major task. There was so much to learn in finding the best and safest sun protection for our family.

As a general guide, from what I read you need broad spectrum coverage - meaning both UVA and UVB.
No SPF above 50 has supporting justifiable lab tests to suggests these are any safer. Oxybenzone is commonly used in sun screens and this can penetrate the skin which has been linked to skin cancer and hormone disruption. When I read this article I was truly shocked that so many of the well known companies are not making safe sun cream.

To summarise, for our trips in the sun we will be using Badger Balm. I read a good few reviews and these were always featured highly, I have read the information on the website. I feel that they are an honest company providing as much information about the safety of their products and that really reassures me. I will also be exploring their range of products for our other needs - soaps, lip balms and massage oils!

*I am not working in partnership with Badger Balm, this a completely unbiased review. It is my personal opinion.*

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