Monday, 4 February 2013

Catch up

So my absence for January has been down to a few things.... a pesky gallbladder full of gallstones which meant a hospital stay, an almost 5 month old cheeky girly and a tidy house!!

I have been suffering with the pain of gallstones since the final few weeks of my pregnancy and in January things really took a turn for the worst. I was taking strong painkillers that helped for the first day but then I found I was being very sick which meant the medicine wasn't staying down long enough to take effect. We had my mum watch Belle whilst Andy and I went to A and E for some advice, I ended up being admitted and staying 4 days. I am awaiting an operation date now which was supposed to be within 2 weeks of me leaving..... good ol' NHS

My beautiful baby girl is almost 5 months old and I cannot believe it! She cut her first tooth yesterday. My baby just doesn't seem to want to stay a baby anymore, Belle is constantly trying to be on her feet or wiggling somewhere. She can roll to her side but isn't keen on being on her tummy.

This crazy house has been tidier than ever before recently, I am not sure if I have turned into something more efficient or if I have become superwoman (!!!!) Just yesterday evening I finished the dishes before making and writing all of our delayed christmas thank you notes, filed Isabelle's photo's and tried to finish her baby/pregnancy books.

Oh and recently I have also become the Saltash Town Band's secretary, which means I will now be spending some of my free time organising events/concerts for the band. A new challenge I am really looking forward to undertaking.

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  1. It's nice to have you back :) so her tooth is through now?! :(:(:(:( Nice to hear that she's wiggling over though, she almost had that down before I left! I do reckon you're turning into superwomen, I think that's the only logical explanation. Missing you xx